1276 Eighteen Mile Road, Suite F, Central SC 29630

Geek Out Games

Social Gaming... in real life!

Blood Bowl League Rules are here! Download, study, and let's spill some blood!

The Blood Bowl Season Roster is also done! Yay!

We have a flyer for our loyal geeks to hand out! Download it here!

Toys, CCGs, and Board games

Our Demo rack holds board games that you can test drive any time that you're in the store!

Role Playing and Tabletop Wargames

We have entirely too many to display here but man oh man we've had some crazy wargaming shenanigans.

Geeky Clothes and Gadgets

We're always getting in new geeky gadgets and swag. Check it out when you're in 'cause it changes frequently!

We run tournaments! And there's actually space to hold them!

Geek Out Games is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and wants of table top gamers of all types in Clemson, Central, and all points nearby in South Carolina. 

Our gaming space is highly flexible and easily adaptable to various types of tournaments. Our largest Magic the Gathering single event was 62 people! We still had some space left over.

Our Website is woefully behind, but we're in the process of updating it! For realsies! It's just gonna take a while. Meanwhile, check out our Facebook page (which is updated frequently) to learn about the current comings and goings at the store!